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Queens Hall Watton



The trustees, shown below. give freely of their time, to ensure the smooth running of the Hall, for the local community.

The committee of trustees is made up of local residents who hold regular events, at the hall, meeting monthly to discuss the success of the events that have been organised. There is also a monthly update on the financial status and review of the regular building inspections.

Our biggest aim is to  maintain this facility for future generations, by encouraging the local population to attend the wide variety of activities that take place in the Hall and to consider hiring the hall for their own personal activities.


Chairman Mike Rix queenshall.chairman@gmail.com  
Vice- Chairman Graham Vellum


Secretary Aimee Neale queenshall.secretary@gmail.com  

Events reps


Bingo Chris Spence c.spence558@btinternet.com  
Wayland Players Wendy Collins wendycollins85@btinternet.com  
Inner Wheel Beryl Brannan beryl.brannan@talktalk.net  
Inner Wheel Stella Leonard Stella.leonard@btinternet.com  
Ballroom Dancing Val Simpson valerie.simpson@me.com  
Boo & Hiss theatre Stacy Wilkinson stacey.a.w@hotmail.com  
  Bryan Wykes Bryan.wykes@btinternet.com  


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